15 June 2011

Weekly Tech Tip 6.15.11

This is part of a weekly email I send to the teachers in our Teaching American History Project. The idea is to give them new online resources they can use either with their students or for professional growth.

If you've been looking for a way to get your students engaged at the computer without sacrificing higher level thinking skills, try having students make an interactive poster using Glogster or Wix. Both companies allow students, once they have an account, to create posters online from any internet connected computer. The level of interactivity required is up to you, but students can add text, animations, photos and video to make their presentations rock. If you're signing up with Glogster (http://www.edu.glogster.com) be SURE to get an education account (the regular Glogster is blocked on district computers). Once you have an educator account, you can give your students sub-accounts.