12 June 2011

On Collaboration Road

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I'm really excited for next school year. Last Thursday, my colleagues and I voted on whether or not to change our schedule to accommodate formal time for collaboration during the school day. After weeks of discussion, some of it quite heated, the staff voted overwhelmingly for collaboration time.

What does collaboration time look like? We don't know that yet, but it was really cool to run into a colleague on Friday and chat about how we'd like to share something that we did a few years ago. I am under no illusion that creating a schedule for collaboration will be easy. One of our first tasks will be to come to a common understanding of what collaboration really is.

What I do know is that we will be able to start systematizing collaboration in a way that we haven't before. We'll be able to share what is working in our classrooms and we'll be able to get down to business analyzing student work to determine how best to help our students.