24 June 2011

Two Lists: Great Conference Advice

I'm missing ISTE again. Too far (and therefore too expensive) for me this year. This morning, while trolling Twitter, I ran across these two blog posts with advice for ISTE attendees.

First, Richard Byrne at Free Technology for Teachers offers 7 Tips for ISTE newbies. Among his tips are charge your batteries (on the electronic devices), don't forget your comfortable shoes and attend vendor-sponsored soirees to meet people and get free food.

Second, Steve Dembo at Teach 42 suggests What not to do at ISTE. Steve's tips include Don't be a XXXXXXX and don't confine yourself to sessions from your friends and favorites.

Both of these posts can apply to ANY conference you might attend. It is good to attend conferences and workshops and these tips can help you make the most of it.

As for me, my goal is to attend ISTE 2012 in San Diego!