23 June 2009

Part 2: Searching for Social Bookmarking

Even though I haven't written about social bookmarking sites in awhile, I have continued to look at options available. As you might remember, I face a dilemma in that I want students to collaborate on projects in part by sharing resources. One way to do that would be to use Diigo or Delicious, but both of those services are blocked by district filters at my site. I favor Google Notebook, but production stopped on that months ago so new accounts aren't being accepted.

Over the weekend I started playing with Zoho Notebook.

Last night I created this notebook about the new service thisMoment, in about 5 minutes. Go ahead and click on page one above to view the page in the notebook. I referenced the article from Mashable, the home page for thisMoment, and a sample. I then quickly added some text about general ideas for classroom use. Within the program, there is an easy to use navigation bar on the left hand side and at the top of your work area. I can click one button to enter email addresses of people with whom I would like to share my notebook AND I can give them either Read Only or Read/Write privileges. Further niftiness allowed me to publish and embed my notebook here.

I am liking Zoho Notebook, but now need to check to make sure it's not blocked at my site.