10 May 2009

Part 1: Searching for Social Bookmarking

While I've personally used Diigo for nearly a year, I have yet to use social bookmarking services with my students. Earlier in the school year, as my geography students were researching climate change, I wanted a place where we could collect useful links as a group. That was when I discovered that Diigo was blocked by district filters (interestingly, as shareware/download because of the toolbar). Not to be deterred, I quick went to Delicious, but, alas, that was blocked too.

I thought about Google Notebook, but since Google has stopped development, I'm not sure how long it will be around (though they promise that current users will continue to have access and I can create new notebooks with collaborators). The other downside to Google Notebook is that I can't recommend it to other teachers as new sign-ups aren't being allowed.

So, I'm looking for something that is: 1) not blocked at school, 2) easy to use, 3) I can recommend to other teachers.

I put out a request to my Twitter PLN and was inundated with possibilities. I had no idea there were so many social bookmarking possibilities out there! Now my task is to begin sorting through the possibilities and choose a few to test at school.

My first task is to go through Larry Ferlazzo's "Best Social Bookmarking Applications for English Language Learners & Other Students." After that, I'll start mowing through Wikipedia's list of Social Software.

Stay tuned for updates....