17 June 2009

On the Move...to New Digs

I've been in 607 for eight years. When I was finally allowed to move my stuff in the room (about 48 hours before opening day) I felt the pride of ownership. Okay, I don't actually own the portable, but it was pretty cool. It had a locking closet, two whiteboards (those would be old school types), a sink with running water (!), a teacher desk, bookcase, file cabinet, 35 student desks, THREE windows and...drum roll, please...a 27" TV with a VCR mounted to the wall. It was very progressive for my district.

Over the years, I've collected computers, tables, more bookcases, maps, cabinets and more. Now I'm moving. One and all agree that I am a pack-rat of the highest order (that would be packus ratus maximus), but I've managed to throw away a LOT of old lesson plans, samples of student work, workbooks and the like. I haven't thrown away the senior portraits the kids have given me over the years, so I'll find a new home for them in the new room.

607 is looking a little empty as I finish taking my stuff out of there. I guess 40 students COULD fit in there if necessary (due to budget cuts). My new room doesn't have a locking closet or a sink with running water, but it does have a view of the forest across the street and 22 desktop computers. More about the how and why of the move to come....