28 May 2011

Weekly Tech Tip: 5.28.11

Note:  This begins a series of weekly tech tips that I am sending to my district's Teaching American History Project teachers. My original thought was to contain this in our internal weekly email, but I thought the tips might be useful here too. Let me know if you find the Weekly Tech Tips of use (or if you have suggestions for others)!

Download Google Toolbar. It will be your new BFF. Yes, it adds another row of annoying icons to your browser window, but the benefits far outweigh any minor quibble with the number of icons. In addition to the usual bookmarking feature available in browsers, you can also tag your bookmarks in Google Toolbar. Not only that, those book marks are available to you anywhere the Google Toolbar is installed. As soon as you log in to your Google Account, there they are!

Another handy feature is the ability to SHARE the webpages you view. Imagine this, you're surfing away, find a really cool site on the American Red Cross' efforts aiding the victims of the Johnstown Flood and you really want to share it with one of your friends. No longer do you have to copy and paste the URL into an email. Just click the SHARE icon, choose a method to share it and away you go!
There's also a nifty little icon that looks like a teeny, tiny newspaper. Click on that to get the latest in U.S. and World news.

Finally, if you click on the little wrench icon, then click on options, then click buttons, you will find a couple dozen MORE icons you can add to customize your browser experience.