05 August 2010

Google Wave, I hardly knew ye...

By now you've probably heard that Google has pulled the plug on Google Wave. While it had some interesting features (such as replaying a thread), it was difficult to follow and confusing when you had more than two people on a wave at once. Early on, the gadgets did not consistently work. I got frustrated and basically left it alone. Sure, I'd check in once in awhile, but I never really used it with any sort of consistency.

I'm glad the announcement came now before I invested a lot of time into figuring out how to make it work for my student journalists. You see, Wave would have been a fantastic way for my journalists to keep track of their stories. They could transcribe notes, write questions, store drafts of stories, add pictures related to their story, add links related to their story and more. So...we'll stick with Google Docs for that.

Technology pundits are predicting that though Wave is gone, many of it's features will be resurrected elsewhere. See PC World's commentary, Louis Gray's piece about Wave and the much-maligned Google Buzz, and, of course, the Official Google Blog announcement for more.