05 July 2010

Teachers, get on the professional bus

I'm really not a fan of the phrase "get on the bus" nor its variants "are you on the bus?", "she's not on the bus", "we kicked him off the bus," and "they got run over by the bus." However, there comes a time when these phrases must be used.

Recently, I suggested that teachers move into the 21st century by learning about social networking and creating their own accounts.  The post I referenced from JEA Digital Media has some great ideas.

This time, I'm suggesting that teachers "get on the bus" and join professional organizations and/or subscribe to professional journals. A discussion thread for new teachers on Edutopia got me all fired up about this topic. Since classroom teachers spend much of their day closed off in a room with one or more groups of students, we don't have the time for professional interaction that might benefit us. Professional organizations and journals can help us.

Find an organization or journal in your subject area. Sign up. You could even follow a few blogs as suggested in this recent post. Any step you make in this direction will only help you become a better educator. You will be exposed to new idea and the latest information in your field. Don't delay, sign up today!