03 April 2010

Go Forth. Look for Funding.

I was delighted last night to open my email and see a "Your project has been FUNDED!" email from DonorsChoose. This project was "Journalism to Go" which will help my students journalists get going using more web-based tools to share their stories and photos. Once again I used the power of social media to get the word out that the project needed just a bit more money for full funding.

The real purpose of this post, though, is the emphasize the point that we (teachers and school communities) need to actively search for funding opportunities for resources we might not otherwise be able to get. Here in California things are going to get worse in school funding before they get better, so we're going to have to get creative.

Yes, things will be rough, but we don't have to go without. Go forth. Look for funding. When you find an opportunity tell your colleagues. Together, we can bring resources to our classrooms!