14 March 2010

Another redesign for the blog

You might have noticed that this blog has gone through another resign. Last year's redesign was because I was tired of the old look and wanted something more lively and fresh. I had to go to a template outside of Blogger to get what I wanted. I felt like I really accomplished something because I was able to go in to the HTML and make changes that I wanted without breaking the template. Exciting stuff.

Yesterday, Melanie Holtsman posted a link to Draft Blogger on Twitter. I didn't even know about Draft Blogger, but I played around for awhile and here you have the result. Draft Blogger has additional templates with greater flexibility and more modern design. Read the blog post about the changes and how to get them on your blog.

The question is, why go through another redesign? Well [insert sheepish look here], I had trouble reading my own blog. I found the contrast between the text and the background was too stark and the overall size of the font too small. Sometimes the letters blended together. I wear glasses and have for years, but I was concerned that if I was having trouble, others might be as well.

The grays and blues are more soothing to my eyes (and I hope yours too). The borders around each post nicely package the entry. I noticed that I need to add more visuals to the blog (this has always been a problem, but it seems more apparent now) and I will continue to tweak the design a bit (for examples, the subhead needs to be a little darker). My goal though, is to keep it simple and easy on the eyes.

What do you think?