11 October 2008

Career Exploration the Modern Way

I remember in high school if I wanted information about career choices I had to first make an appointment with my counselor, then, if I was lucky, she would refer me to some gigantic book to thumb through. While thumbing, my fingers were crossed that I would find something interesting. Usually I didn't find what I was looking for.

Today's students have it much easier. Now you can go online and with the click of a button get great information on possible career choices. In honor of the National Council for Geographic Education conference, let's focus on careers in geography.

The Association of American Geographers has a great career guide for students. You can find everything from salary expectations to occupation outlook on this page. I think my favorite though, is the sample jobs page. We don't often think of geographers being Market Researchers or Real Estate Appraisers, but those are some of the opportunities available to geography majors.

Of course, the major career guides are still out there. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is probably one of the best known resources in secondary education. There are also some great subscription career exploration services. These days many schools have career counselors or Career Center technicians that can help students find the information they need.