27 August 2008

Tag Clouds for Students Responses

This morning I asked my geography students (freshmen) to list ten things that geography is or that geographers do. They did not have to write in sentences and could use single words. We talked about some of the terms they chose and why they chose those terms. The responses were pretty interesting. Then I thought it would be cool to see which terms were written most frequently. THEN I thought of Tag Clouds. I had never actually created one like this before, so I looked for something easy that I could do during my prep period this morning. Enter TagCrowd. To save time, I entered everything into a word processing document, then copy and pasted into the text box at TagCrowd. I left the settings as they were and clicked VISUALIZE and there it was! What a fantastic visual way to show students what terms they think of when they think geography.

There are some things that didn't quite work. For example, there were phrases that consistently showed up in the student responses, but TagCrowd didn't show the phrases. Also, zones shows up, but not time zones which was how it was entered. I tried putting quotation marks around the phrases, but that didn't help. With that aside, this is still an awesome tool to use in the classroom.

created at TagCrowd.com