26 August 2008

Goodbye, Overhead!

I gave up my overhead projector yesterday. I had been thinking about it for some time anyway (you know, you can never get the focus just right, the bulbs always burn out, etc), but still, I held on to my old friend. I have been using overheads since I was a newbie teacher, why give it up now?

We have two new teachers in our department this year. Neither of them have overhead projectors. Not only that, we're told there aren't any more to give out AND there's no money to get additional projectors. As we have no more LCD projectors either, I felt it was a little selfish of me to keep both.

With all that being said, I'm a little sad. I'm sad because my old friend is gone (even though we didn't always get along). I'm sad because I have to transfer all of my overheads to PowerPoint slides or something similar. I'm sad because we can't get new teachers this most basic piece of technology. Why is that, I wonder?