13 July 2008

Lesson Improvement Idea: Colonial Legacies in the Modern World

The great thing about technology tools is that there's always a way to snazz up (is that even a word?) your lessons. The other day I was playing with GoogleMaps and discovered that it's more than just directions. I know, I know...this is not news. I did a quick little map (below) from a lesson that I did last spring with my students. The idea behind the lesson was to map evidence of colonial legacies (this example shows evidence in the banana trade). This was pretty easy to do and the view can be ported over to GoogleEarth seamlessly. I'm thinking that it might be better to have students use GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth to make their maps, rather than the decidedly low tech laminated desk maps that have been used in the past.

Last night I ran across reference to a spreadsheet template that allows users to create FANCY flags/comments in GoogleEarth, so that's the next thing to try!

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