13 July 2011

Still More Google+ Resources

Two days ago, I posted  eight links with resources to learn more about Google+. Of course, there are more and more articles, blog posts, Twitter comments being written every day. The theme now seems to be turning toward privacy issues.

MSNBC.com reports, through the Motley Fool page, that Google+ privacy is even more of an issue than that of Facebook. Macworld, however, has a different take; Google is doing well with privacy so far in Google+.

ZDnet has a piece about changing privacy settings in Google+ that is interesting. I did go in and modify my settings based on this article.

In other Google+ news...

Larry Ferlazzo has published a wonderful list of resources about Google+.

Lisa Nielsen has written a piece on the possibilities for Google+ in education.

Technobombs compares Google+ and Facebook side by side in an entertaining infographic.

Finally, because I'm sure you're concerned about this one, Motivated Grammar recommends the proper way to write about +1ing (or is it +1'ing?).