03 June 2011

Weekly Tech Tip 6.3.11

This is another in a series of tips I'm sending to my Teaching American History Project teachers. The Weekly Tech Tip is part of their weekly news update for the project.

Current events are pretty old-school, but they serve a purpose. It's important for teachers AND students to know what's happening in the world. There are numerous websites out there to help you learn more about world events, so here are just a few that present it in an interesting sort of way:
  • Google Fast Flip brings together front pages from many of the world's top news websites. Click on one to go to that particular story. Scroll through by clicking the arrows to see more stories. Fast Flip houses a variety of story types from straight news to tech news to entertainment news.
  • Newseum has many, many fabulous resources, but Today's Front Pages is one of the best. The pages are from all over the world and are particularly interesting when there is a major national or international event. Students can easily see how coverage differs by region and by country.
  • Newsmap shows which stories are getting the most play by type of news. You can also look at the maps by some countries (the default map is U.S.). See what is important to people around the world. Because this is a dynamic site, don't expect things to be the same if you check them early Monday morning and show the map to your students by 9 a.m.