19 January 2010

Improving accessibility through Readability

This fabulous tool comes from a tweet by @msmithpds. Readability is a bookmarklet for your browser links toolbar.  Set the style and size of the type then drag the bookmarklet to the links toolbar. It's that easy. When you get to a page where you want to strip away all of the annoying sidebars and ads, click Readability. You get the article in an easy-to-read format. When you're ready to go back to the original page there is a convenient "reload original page" button in the upper left corner of your window.

Upside: This could really help students who have a hard time reading text on a screen. Allowing students to set their own preferences could make reading a more personalized experience.

Downside: When I was first using the tool with this blog, I discovered that the links posted from Diigo weren't coming through on my blog posts. I did not experience this problem with other websites.