10 November 2009

Adventures in Edmodo Part IV: The Road Ahead

Recently, I've posted a couple of times on using Edmodo in the classroom. Most recently, I shared examples of how students are using Edmodo to help each other. I have also outlined how I set it up in the classroom. This post will be about the evolution of the ways we are using Edmodo in the classroom.

Though we are not completely in the habit yet, I am finding that students are using Edmodo to ask questions about homework (or "what is the homework?") or for clarification on assignments. Most of the time, my intervention is not necessary because they take the initiative and answer each other. I also have a couple of students who, when finishing an assignment early, will put out a general message offering to help anyone in need. That's pretty cool.

My site is in the process of switching over to a new grading program and I can no longer post grades as I used to (files are posted, students/parents log in to secure site to access report for that student's classes). That has been frustrating. I just discovered that the new grading program does allow me to create individual .pdf reports of progress, so I can send those to students via Edmodo. In essence, Edmodo allows me to communicate with students without the hassle of email (and it is a hassle when I can't remember who iluvfuzzybunnies@whozit.com really is).

Our first quarter just ended, so I have been inundated with requests for reports so I will next post files with student ID numbers rather than names. It is relatively common at my site to print out paper reports in this manner and tape them to the wall, but in these tight budget times, I'd rather avoid using the paper if I can.

The great thing is that students are now asking "can we do that through Edmodo?" Yes, I think we can.