09 September 2009

Sync Your Calendar Jiffy-Quick

As a new iPhone user, I am always looking for tips and tricks to make this complicated device more useful. I have long been frustrated by my lack of consistent access to my Google Calendar (which I love), so I don't use it all that much. Both of these websites show you how to sync your Google Calendar:

Robert Chien's Blog shows spare instructions that get the job done.

Since I'm a visual learner, I personally prefer the instructions at Online Tech Tips since the author provides screen shots from the iPhone.

BOTH blogs give the SAME instructions just in slightly different formats.

Oh, and the iPhone thing...yes, I've suffered from iPhone envy for a long time. A friend and colleague loaned me her old 3G after she upgraded. I just popped in my sim card and voila! I have an iPhone (which I suppose is really a phone with an iPod Touch in it since I don't actually use the 3G network). It's still VERY cool.