20 August 2009

Things I've Learned from Twitter v.8.19.09

Yesterday, Roger Zuidema posted on his blog "Top 5 Things I've Learned on Twitter Today 8/19/09." With all the fuss about Twitter (including the claim that 40% of all Tweets are useless) I thought I'd follow suit. This is my list from 8.19.09 and includes links, articles and the like from about 5:30-6:30 am PDT.

  • @jutecht Just Blogged: Netvibes.com in the classroom http://bit.ly/17LkMn (I think I'll have to try this out. Great idea to push content to students)
  • @russelltarr How to make a Youtube interactive video! Very cool idea for the classroom! http://tinyurl.com/ljk4xs Awesome idea for students to work through video semi-independently.
  • @suzannewhisler 10 Ideas for Engaging Learners with Cell Phones Even in Districts that Ban Them by Lisa Nielsen. http://www.techlearning.com/blogs/22554
  • @frontlineblog Express censured for fourth time in two weeks over undeclared advertorials http://bit.ly/3SA8Ew As a newspaper adviser, I believe it is critical that we discuss ethical issues in class. This is a great example.
  • @AEJMC Chadwick Matlin: Huffington Post + Facebook = the Future of Journalism http://ow.ly/ky2x Hmmm. Do I want someone tracking my reading habits like this?
  • @dwarlick I liked the colors so much that I changed my blog theme (http://vk2.sl.pt). Check out Personas (http://vk3.sl.pt) I started out by looking at the blog and Personas, then went on to David's post on education reform and the Obama administration here.
Just recently, I've had several educators ask me about Twitter and my infatuation with it. Some claim there is nothing useful out there in the Twitterverse, others say they just don't get it. I always encourage teachers to start by following me, then looking at who I follow (and who is following me) to find educators posting great ideas and resources. Try it, you might like it.