03 July 2009

Home Shopping

Online home shopping, that is. Today, I found out that my web hosting service (a one-stop shop, actually) will be doubling their annual fee at the end of the month. To give them credit, they have not raised my annual subscription fee in at least eight years, but to DOUBLE in one fell swoop?! Okay, I'm a legacy customer too, so I had a pretty steep discount to start with...I was with this particular company when they were free.

Truth be told, I had already been thinking about leaving them partly because of the cost and partly because I have been wondering if a traditional website is going by way of the dinosaur. It is comforting to have a website, but maybe I need to move on. My website's original purpose was to provide a place for my students to get class updates and assignment links, but I can do that in other places. In the past three or four years, I've migrated calendar functions over to Google Calendar. Generally speaking, for assignment links, I quickly post something on Google Sites or Wikispaces. This coming school year, I will be required to use Powerschool for several student information functions, so maybe I don't even need a one stop shop anymore.

Anyway, as I'm going through my decision-making process, I am looking at either buying a new domain name (I'm not sure I actually own the one I have now since I bought it through my current webhost) or transferring my existing domain name. I'm also looking at hosting solutions. Two that I've explored so far are GoDaddy and Bluehost. It's interesting that since posting my dilemma on Twitter a couple hours ago, I've picked up one hosting service as a follower and another has suggested that I check them out. I probably will check out both.