31 March 2009

Twitter for Everyone

Who doesn't twitter these days? It seems the world is overflowing with tweeple (twitter people) evangelizing and recruiting converts. Some come into the nest reluctantly, others willingly. But what this comes down to is whether or not Twitter is a useful tool. I say yes, it is and, fortunately, many others agree. This is where this post comes in. What are people saying about the usefulness of Twitter (and other microblogging sites) anyway?

Laura Walker recently posted "Nine great reasons teachers should use Twitter." Walker points out that "together we're better" and that's what I find with Twitter. Most of the people I follow are teachers. What is truly amazing is that I get something out of the links people share EVERY day. Really. Just yesterday @kyteacher posted a link to her school's wiki page for differentiation. Not only does it define various ways that one can differentiate, but it shows specific ways that teachers can differentiate instruction and content.

Also, @zemote shared this video from YouTube on Twitter in the classroom (as he pointed out, the story shows students using microblogging tools other than Twitter, including Edmodo).

Finally, @dajbelshaw served up another great eLearnr guide on using microblogging sites such as Twitter, Edmodo and Shout'em in education.

What's amazing is that I got even more out of the links shared yesterday than what is here. The conections that I am able to make and the learning I am able to do using Twitter are far beyond what I could make using more traditional methods (wait, how did I connect with people before Twitter?). Check it out if you're not already there. It will be worth your time.