17 January 2009

Part II: Evaluating the Acer Aspire One

As I work with the Acer Aspire One, I am finding the "mouse click" a bit awkward. There are two buttons, one on either side of the track pad. All of my laptops have had the "clicker" at the bottom of the track pad, so this is taking some getting used to. The clicking action itself seems stiff, but it's not something that I can't live with. I have found the it's much easier if I use the track pad with one hand and the mouse button with the other. That seems to solve the problem.

The keyboard is small, but really, what can you expect? This computer is TINY. I used to work with a Dell 300M and it's keyboard wasn't that much larger. So, the keyboard is small, but not unreasonably so. After using the computer for several hours over the past two days, I am finding that it's easier to use the keyboard and it's not as small as I originally thought (or rather I felt is was small since I'd been using nearly full-sized keyboards on my laptop and desktop).