21 November 2008

Woodward and Bernstein Visit SF Bay Area

Okay, so this is a little outside the realm of what is usually covered here at EZ Tech Integration, but I had to share this article from the New York Times online. "At Last, Bernstein Meets Deep Throat" is the story of the first meeting between Carl Bernstein and Deep Throat (Mark Felt) of Watergate fame.

Bob Woodward and Bernstein briefly described their November 16th visit with Felt during their Newsmakers Lecture at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek this past Monday. The wide-ranging and often funny lecture covered everything from Watergate to the 2008 Presidential Election to the current economic crisis.

I was able to attend the lecture courtesy of the California Scholastic Journalism Initiative and Director Steve O'Donoghue. The purpose of the Initiative is to support scholastic journalism programs in California as they come under fire from budget cuts and attacks on student Free Speech rules. As a scholastic journalism adviser and long-ago graduate of the journalism program at Humboldt State Univserity, I had always wanted to see Woodward and Bernstein speak, but had never dreamed it was possible.