02 November 2008

Day 2 of Blogger Challenge: Site Statistics

Day 2 of the Be a Better Blogger Challenge asks us to start thinking about site stats. This is a good idea as we never know when we might need them. I started this blog as a result of my participation in the Google Teacher Academy last June. Part of my responsibility as a Google Certified Teacher is to get the word out about Google Tools for the classroom and other Web 2.0 tools. I decided that one way I could do that is through a blog. CGTs do periodically report on what they are doing, so having site statistics could be useful.

As recommended by Steve Dembo, I signed up for a free account at Site Meter to track visitors to my site. I had previously been using ClustrMaps, but it doesn't give detailed information. I have been able to see that my blog has had 101 hits since September 1, 2008, but I think many of those are me. I can also see where my visitors are on the map which is pretty exciting since I've had visitors from five continents!

One of the things I do like about Site Meter is the detailed reports I can get even with a free account. I can even exclude my own computer from stats. I am looking forward to see who is visiting this little blog and where they are coming from.