10 November 2008

Day 10 of the "Be A Better Blogger Challenge"

It's been a few days since I've written about the "30D2BBB" Challenge (that's 30 Days to Being A Better Blogger). There have been several small tasks along with a request to have an impartial party observe my blog and a suggestion to get a guest blogger. I'm still working on those last two.

Today's challenge is to check out the blog on other browsers using a variety of operating systems. I was prepared to use both Mac and Windows machines. I was even prepared to use a few browsers like Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari. However, I discovered that I didn't even have to go to all that trouble because Browsershots can do the work for me! (Elaine Plybon and Sue Waters both suggested this webiste on teach42.com)

Just click on the browsers you'd like checked, enter your website URL, then click submit. It's as easy as that!

I did notice that some of the browsers didn't have certain plug-ins, but apparently I'm good to go on most browsers. Yahoo!