24 October 2008


When my district adopted a new geography book for our 9th graders, part of the package included a graphic novel to go with the text. That's all well and good, but it struck me that by using it I would not be taking advantage of my students' creativity. I started looking for an online comic creator.

Last summer, someone on Twitter (I no longer remember who it was) mentioned comiqs. I explored that and, at the time, found a wonderful explanation of the French Revolution using vintage-type drawings. Unfortunately, comiqs is blocked at my school (apparently it's flagged as social networking). I found the ReadWriteThink comic creator instead. It's pretty simple, but students can create and print multi-panel comics with the click of a mouse and the typing of a few keys. I'm looking forward to trying it out with students and seeing if I can somehow save the comics for use later.