30 June 2008

Reason for Being

Back in the day, when I was a newbie teacher, I integrated technology into my lessons whenever I could. I even went to far as to scour bulletin boards for used computers to put in my classroom (not that computers are the be all and end all of tech integration). Somewhere along the line, I lost my way and...well, got lazy. My integration efforts were reduced to PowerPoint presentations and the odd website demonstration to my classes. It was sad.

However, over the past year, with the help of an enthusiastic newbie teacher, I have become reinvigorated with technology integration ideas for my classroom. I have also come to believe that I am NOT entirely meeting the needs of my students because of the lack of tech integration into the curriculum. The most immediate kick in the pants came from the Google Teacher Academy held at the Googleplex. My head was spinning after a day immersed in awesome ideas surrounded by some of the most amazing teachers in the country. So, I've started reading articles and blogs online, have dusted off some of the old lessons, and am ready to start anew.

Of course, like most classroom teachers, I'm busy and don't want to spend hours and hours learning complicated software. So, my purpose here is to chronicle my journey back to the Land of Technology Integration. As with any lesson, some things are going to work well and others will fall flat. That's okay. I'll let you know either way. Hopefully you'll be able to take some of my ideas and use them and will avoid the mistakes that I make along the way.